The next cold war is around the corner. Are you on the right side of it ?

In the evolving landscape of data and brand engagement, a new "data cold war" is brewing among CPG brands, reminiscent of countries stockpiling nuclear warheads. As businesses navigate the privacy movement, game publishers must adapt to provide value while ensuring regulatory compliance and positioning themselves on the right side of the privacy movement. Learn how Artifact can help publishers boost CPMs and assist brands in their data journey while maintaining compliance.

I was walking the dog with a good friend Ameet Srivastava who is pretty plugged into the world of brands and data. Something he said hit straight at the problem we are solving at Artifact - how do you give users full agency of data while allowing brands to engage with them in a meaningful way ?

He talked about the data cold war happening as we speak among different CPG brands who are in a rush to collect user data and enrich their CDPs ( Customer Data Platforms) . Brands are amassing user data like countries used to amass nuclear warheads. Quite a few brands are even setting user profile targets as part of their annual goals. Only a matter of time before it becomes a key metric that analysts are going to ask for and factor into their valuation.

With the privacy world coming to us sooner than many businesses had initially planned for, the larger brands are working hard across all their channels to engage with users and their data in a meaningful compliant manner.

What does this mean for game publishers that are looking to take a slice of a brand’s juicy ad budget? What are publishers doing to increase the value of their inventory ? How are publishers looking to improve the efficiency of the brand’s campaigns within their games and help them in their data journey ? And in the process command higher CPMs?

And more importantly if you are a game publisher, how are you doing it in a regulatory compliant manner ? Are you on the right side of the privacy movement?

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